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Moving Expenses

If you are a tenant and you reach the end of the tenancy agreement time, you will have to move out but before you do you will be expected to clean the property to a very high standard, a standard you are possibly not used to cleaning too. The property would have been to the same high standard when you started the tenancy agreement and so it is only reasonable that any property manager would expect you to leave in the same condition you found it.

As many people are not used to cleaning to the appropriately high standard, often a property manager will have to hire professional cleaners to clean the property before another tenant moves in and the cost of those professional cleaners will be billed to you as the out-going tenant. To many this is a double blow as they may have spent many hours trying to clean to the high standard expected, only to find they have to pay for it to be cleaned anyway.

One option a tenant has to avoid this situation is to hire professional cleaners themselves and that way, although they still pay for the cleaning, at least they did not waste any effort trying to meet the standards themselves. To clean a whole property though can be rather expensive but a cheap end of the tenancy cleaning option is to clean the easier rooms yourself and just hire professionals to clean perhaps the kitchen and bathroom. The cleaners will usually have set prices for the cleaning of different rooms, based on their size and are often willing to accept even the smallest of tasks, such as a single room.

One thing which you should perhaps consider when trying to decide on hiring a cleaner or doing the cleaning yourself is, as the cleaners you hire will be professionals, they will know the most efficient, effective and quickest way to clean the particularly hard places, meaning they will do their jobs fast causing you the minimal disruption. However, as you may not be a professional cleaner yourself, even if you do manage to clean everywhere to the required standard, it will take you a lot longer and that will be longer the household members will be disrupted.

Of course most of the professional cleaners are not limited to just end of tenancy cleaning as they may have contracts to clean workplaces and offices but in a city like London where tenants are moving all the time, end of tenancy cleaning can be one of the main aspects of their work and so all the professional cleaners in London will be familiar with the high standards expected by property managers and be capable of reaching those standards.

When moving you will have a lot of things on your mind including the move into your new home and so adding to that the often time consuming and worrying task of cleaning your old property, may increase your stress and so an early decision to hire a professional cleaning company may constitute good value for money.