Specialty Storage Cases

Today there are special storage cases for many things and the reason for this is that they can safely be stored without fear of being damaged, they are easy to identify without rummaging through other items, can be stored more easily and often can be transported more easily. This does not mean that all special storage cases are designed for just one item as they can be designed for many items such is the case with a makeup storage case often referred to as a vanity case. This is a case which has been specifically designed to hold an assortment of makeup products and items as well as anything else that may be needed to freshen up someone’s appearance.

Vanity cases today can come in many sizes and some, usually the larger ones, can come with their own set of wheels or castors for mobility. Also these larger ones may feature lights and mirrors so that they can be used to apply any makeup needed without having to rely on a dressing table to be present. These larger vanity cases are usually used only by actors, actresses, models or other celebrities hose good appearance is critical at all times.

Although due to vanity rather than necessity, the first of the vanity cases were similar in size to the larger ones seen today but unlike today where most of these vanity cases are for women, all the first vanity cases were for men only. It was during the early Victorian period when men of wealth could freely travel in luxury that the first vanity cases were designed and they quickly became a status symbol as much as a convenience. All that was needed in order to make a gentleman look appropriately clean and smart, in accordance with his standing, would be kept separate from the rest of his luggage so it was convenient at any time during their journey. The first vanity cases for women were not designed until many years later, in the late Victorian period, after women of means also started to travel freely.

It was perhaps these women travelers that having appreciated the convenience of having all their makeup and hair products and accessories close at hand and easily available during traveling, who started to keep a vanity case in their own bedrooms. The idea of having a vanity case in their bedroom started to become popular with all women, not only those that intended to travel and so soon vanity cases were especially designed without travel in mind.

Today there are so many different vanity cases available to buy that women are perhaps spoiled for choice and so choosing the best one for their own needs may be something of a dilemma for them. Fortunately, like many other things today, all the different types and sizes of vanity cases are available to be seen online so someone can surf the web looking for exactly what they want rather than spending hours visiting many different stores looking.