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UK Broadband

Like many other countries today, in the UK broadband connections can be offered for our internet but unlike many countries which may only have one internet provider, the UK has several. This means though that when it comes to choosing the connection we want, we have to decide the speed we want and also the provider we want to use. This is made easier by websites like https://broadbandcompareuk.comwhich allow you to just enter your post code and they will then display all the different providers that offer services in your area, their different packages and the prices of those packages. When deciding which speed we would like though, we must take into consideration how many devices we intend to allow to use that same connection as each new device we add, will bring the speed down.

The number of different packages available will often depend on our location as for people that live in or around the cities there may be faster packages available than there are for those that live in the countryside. That should not adversely affect the choice we make for the connection we have in our home though as the faster speeds are really available for businesses which intend to connect numerous devices to just one connection. Even in the country there should be speeds offered that will suffice for our home use. Some countries are well known for the fast speed internet services they have like South Korea and Hong Kong where the average speed provided is 1 GBPS but in those countries, the cost of the service is of little importance as even those speeds are available for US$20 per month in South Korea and US$26 per month in Hong Kong.

Of course though in the UK we pay far more for our connections but we do not have the most expensive services in the world but neither are we known for having the cheapest. We must therefore opt for a speed which will allow us to do what we intend without opting for speed which we would never use as that would just be a waste of money. As a guideline, Netflix recommend their site is used by people that have at least a 5 MBPS connection for the best results but remember you will need a faster one than that if you have more than one device using the same connection. It is probably the use of fibre optic cables which has now allowed so many people across the country to have access to fast broadband internet speeds and as the network of fibre optic cables grows, so the speeds that are offered countrywide will increase so that we too may one day have average speeds which match those of South Korea and Hong Kong. Perhaps surprisingly, the Falkland Islands are among the top 5 countries which have the fastest average internet speeds, whilst, perhaps not so surprisingly, the other two in the top 5 are Switzerland and Sweden.